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How to remove the background of an image in Word

Posted by Roger Hyttinen on

If you want to insert a picture into Word but do not want to include its background, you can use the Background Removal Tool, found on the Adjust group on the contextual Format Ribbon.

Background of the image is highlighted

With the Background Removal Tool, you select which areas of the image you wish to keep or remove and then draw around the desired area. You can fine-tune the selection by dragging the sizing handles of the border box. When finished, press Enter.

To Use the Background Removal Tool

  1. Click on the image whose background you wish to remove.
  2. Click the contextual Format tab on the Ribbon.
  3. Click the Remove Background button. The detected background color is highlighted in purple.
    Remove Background icon
  4. If necessary, drag the sizing handles to ensure that none of the areas of the image you want to keep are outside of the boundary box.
  5. Press Enter.

Tip: You can also click the Mark areas to keep or Mark areas to remove button and then draw lines around the areas to keep or remove.

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