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Navigate Excel using the Go To Dialog

Posted by Roger Hyttinen on

If you have a large spreadsheet, it might be challenging to navigate it. While you can use the range name drop-down list, your PgUp and PgDown keys as well as your scrollbars, there is a hidden feature that allows you to quickly navigate a workbook called the Go To dialog box. From this window, you can jump to a range by clicking on the range name or jump to a specific cell by typing in the cell address.

What’s handy about the Go To dialog box, is that it keeps track of cells that you’ve recently entered in the Reference field. This makes it easy to revisit cells that you’ve accessed during the current session.

To Use the Go To Dialog

  1. Press the Ctrl + G keystroke combination
    Press the F5 key on your keyboard
  2. To jump to a specific cell, type its address in the Reference box. 
Reference field in the Go To dialog box
  3. To jump to a Named range, click its name in the Go To: window.
Arrow pointing to Named Ranges in the Go To dialog box
  4. Click OK.

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