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How to convert your OneNote handwritten notes to text

Posted by Roger Hyttinen on

Using the Ink technologies in OneNote, you can handwrite your notes using a stylus, your finger or your mouse (though this does require a certain adeptness with the mouse). This ability comes in especially handy if you are using OneNote on a tablet, a pen device such those put out by the Wacom company, or a touch-screen computer. If you prefer handwriting instead of typing, then this feature is definitely for you. You can find the Handwriting tool on the Draw tab of the Ribbon.

Handwriting in a OneNote Note

Later on, you can convert your handwritten notes to text. OneNote is fairly good at identifying what you write, though it may not hurt to pay extra attention to your penmanship as you take notes.

To Handwrite a Note

  1. Click the Draw tab on the Ribbon.
  2. Click the desired pen from the Gallery. To change pen color, click the Color & Thickness button and make your choices. 

  3. Using your finger, stylus or mouse, click and drag to handwrite your note.

To Convert Handwriting to Text

  1. Click the Lasso Select tool on the Draw Ribbon. 

  2. Drag over the handwritten text until it is selected. 

  3. Click the Ink to Text button on the Convert group of the Ribbon. 

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