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How to combine text and a date in the same cell in Excel

Posted by Roger Hyttinen on

If you ever need to combine dates and text together in the same cell, you might run into a bit of trouble because Excel normally does not allow you to combine text and dates together. When you try, Excel displays the date as its actual data and not a formatted date, even though the data is displayed correctly in the original cell.

In the example below, we have the formula:

=”We sold “ & B2 & “ items on “ & A2 (where cell A2 is referring to a cell with a date)

The result however, is not what we expect:

In order to combine a cell containing text with a cell containing date, you’ll need to use the TEXT function to format the date the way you want. Using the formula above, we need to replace the date reference with: Text(A2, “MM/DD/YYYY”). Thus, the full formula reads:

=”We sold “ & B2 & “ items on “ & TEXT(A2,”MM/DD/YYYY”)

Formula using the TEXT function

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