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Some Handy Outlook Keyboard Shortcuts for the Mail module

Posted by Roger Hyttinen on

Outlook screen

Outlook has a plethora of keyboard shortcuts that you can use to speed up your workflow. Having a few of these under your belt can help you to be more productive and spend less time managing your email.

Below are a few shortcuts for the Outlook’s Mail Module to get you started. Learn a few at a time and you’ll be surprised how soon they become second nature.

Switch to the Mail Module: Ctrl + 1
Switch to your Inbox: Ctrl + Shift + I
Switch to your Outbox: Ctrl + Shift + O

Create a new message from any Outlook window: Ctrl + Shift + M
Send the message: Alt + S
Reply to a message: Ctrl + R
Reply All to a message: Ctrl + Shift + R
Forward a message: Ctrl + F
Mark as Read: Ctrl + Q
Mark as Unread: Ctrl + U
Print: Ctrl + P
Find or Replace: Ctrl + F or F4
Open a message: Ctrl + O
Move a message: Ctrl + Shift + V
Copy a message: Ctrl + Shift + Y
Display blocked content: Ctrl + Shift + I

Left Align Text: Ctrl + L
Right Align Text: Ctrl + R
Center Text: Ctrl + E
Apply Bold to text: Ctrl + B
Apply Italic to text: Ctrl + I
Underline text: Ctrl + U
Check spelling: F7

Add a Quick Flag to an unopened message: INSERT
Show properties for selected message: Alt + Enter
Check for new messages: Ctrl + M or F9
Go to Previous Message: Up Arrow
Go to Next Message: Down Arrow
Save message (to Drafts): Ctrl + S
Save as: F12
Go to Search box: F3 or Ctrl + E

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