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Mark an Excel workbook as Final

Posted by Roger Hyttinen on

One way to prevent changes to an Excel workbook is by marking the workbook file as final. This sets the file to read-only and displays a yellow banner on top of the page letting the user know that this is the final version of the workbook and it shouldn’t be edited. That doesn’t mean they can’t edit it however. There is an Edit Anyway button that allows the user to make changes.

Mark as Final message box

Once the Edit Anyway button is clicked, you will have to have to repeat the steps to set the file as final.

To Mark a Workbook as Final

  1. Click the File tab on the Ribbon and then click Info.
  2. Click the Protect Workbook icon in the center pane.

    Protect Workbook icon

  3. Click Mark as Final from the list.

    Mark as Final menu selection

  4. Click OK to mark the file as final and then save it. The workbook then becomes read-only.
  5. To edit a workbook, open it and then click the Edit Anyway button on top of the screen.

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