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Change the font size in Word or PowerPoint using your Keyboard

Posted by Roger Hyttinen on

Today's tip is a simple keyboard shortcut but one that can save you a tons of time (and mouse strokes) if a lot of Microsoft Office editing involved changing the font size of text. To constantly reach for the mouse, click on the Font Size box and then select the font size you want can really slow you down.

Instead, select the text, hold down the Ctrl + Shift keys, and then press the > symbol on your keyboard (Ctrl + Shift + >) to increase the size of the font. Each time you tap the > symbol, the font increases 1 pt or .5 increments. As you change the font, the number in the Font Size drop-down list changes, to reflect the new size.  

Font Size drop-down list

To decrease the size of selected text, press Ctrl + Shift + <.


Applies to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook.

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