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Using the IF function in Excel

Posted by Roger Hyttinen on

Using the powerful IF function, you can tell Excel to evaluate a condition and perform one of two calculations based on that condition. The two calculations are dependent on whether the condition is true or false. For example, if the sales of a store was greater than $60000, you could give the manager a $2,000 bonus (condition is true); if the sales were less than $60000, the manger would get a $50 bonus (condition is false).

You can either type the IF function directly into the cell or click the Insert Function button and use the Insert Function dialog box.

Using the example above, the format of the IF function is:

To Use the IF Function

  1. Activate the cell in which you want to place the formula.
  2. Type: =IF(
  3. Enter the condition for which to test, followed by a comma.
  4. Enter the value if the condition is true followed by a comma.
  5. Enter the value if the condition is false.
  6. Type ) to close the formula.
  7. Press the Enter key to verify the formula.


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