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Add a Folder to the Favorites List in Microsoft Outlook

Posted by Roger Hyttinen on

The Favorites list, located at the top of Navigation Pane, contains shortcuts to folders that you frequently use. You can add, remove and rearrange folders in this section to access those folders that you use most often. For example, a folder that contains correspondence for a project you're working on is a good candidate for the Favorites list. The Favorites list is especially handy if you have several e-mail accounts with many folders. Adding your favorite folders that you access most often can be a real time-saver.

The favorites list in the folder pane

The Favorites list is displayed by default. If it is turned off, you can turn it on by clicking the View tab on the Ribbon, clicking the Folder Pane button and then choosing Favorites from the list. You can turn the feature off from here as well.

Note that when you add a folder to the Favorites list, only a shortcut to the folder is created – the actual folder and its contents remain in their original location in the Folder list. Thus, removing a folder from the Favorites list does not delete it or its contents, but only removes the link.
To collapse the display of the Favorites list, click the disclosure triangle to the left of the word Favorites.

To Use the Favorites List

  1. If the Favorites list is not displayed:
    a. Click the View tab on the Ribbon.
    b. Click the Folder Pane icon on the Layout group of the Ribbon.
    c. Click Favorites.
  2. To add a folder to Favorites, right-click the Folder in the Folder Pane and choose Show in Favorites.  

    Click Show in Favorites from the contextual menu

  3. To remove a folder from Favorites, right-click the folder in the Favorites pane and choose Remove from Favorites.

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