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Adjusting Multiple Images using Quick Develop

Posted by Roger Hyttinen on

This post is part of our Learning Lightroom series.

If you need to apply the same setting to multiple images quickly, you can do so from the Quick Develop panel in the Library Module. This is ideal if perhaps, your camera was set to an incorrect white balance during a shoot. Using the Quick Develop panel, you could quickly remedy this with a couple of clicks.

Quick Develop Single and Double arrows

This panel has three main areas: Saved Preset, White Balance and Tone Control. Each of these areas has a series of buttons with arrows, with which you can make adjustments to a greater or lesser degree. For example, the single left-pointing arrow on the Exposure decreases exposure by 1/3 stop whereas the left-pointing double arrow decreases exposure by a full stop.

From the Saved Preset drop-down list, you can apply any Develop Module presets that you’ve created or installed.

The White Balance drop-down list provides the same options as the Basic panel in the Develop module. By default, the Temperature and Tint options are hidden however so you’ll need to click the disclosure triangle to expand them.

Under the Tone Control area, the Exposure, Clarity and Vibrance controls are visible by default. If you expand this area however, you’ll see the same controls that are in the Tone area, with the exception of Saturation.

Exanding Tone Control Area

To revert to the original settings of the selected images, click the Reset All button.

To Apply Adjustments to Multiple Images, do this:

  1. Switch to the Library Module.
  2. Switch to Grid View.
  3. Select the images you wish to edit in the Filmstrip or in the center pane.
  4. If necessary, click the words Quick Develop in the right pane to expand the panel.
  5. To apply a Develop preset, click the Saved Preset drop-down list and choose the one you want.
  6. To apply a White Balance preset, choose the one you want from the White Balance drop-down list. To fine tune the white balance using the Temperature or Tint controls, click the White Balance disclosure triangle and then click the appropriate arrow buttons to incrementally increase or decrease the Kelvin temperature.
  7. Click the Tone Control disclosure triangle to display all of the available controls. To automatically apply Lightroom tone settings for Exposure, Black, Bright and Contrast, click the Auto button in the Tone Control area. To adjust individual tone settings, click the appropriate arrow buttons.
  8. To return to the pre-adjustment state of the selected images, click the Reset All button.

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