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Analyzing Excel Data using Quick Analysis

Posted by Roger Hyttinen on

The Quick Analysis feature in Excel allows you to analyze and preview data quickly on the fly before you make a selection. As you move your mouse pointer over the different options, a data preview displays, so you can see what the data would look like if you click that feature. There are several analysis categories to choose from: Formatting Charts, Totals, Tables and Sparklines, with each category containing several analysis tools such as Data Bars, Color Scale, and Icon Sets. You may find this new feature to be a real time-saver.

Quick Analysis window

To access the Quick Analysis feature, select the desired data in your worksheet. When you are finished selecting, the Quick Analysis icon appears on the lower right corner of your data. Click the icon to display the different options you can analyze quickly.

Quick Analysis icon

Quick Guide: To Analyze Data using Quick Analysis

  1. Select the cell range that you want to include in the analysis.
  2. Click the Quick Analysis icon when it appears.
  3. Click the desired category on top of the window (Formatting Charts, Totals, Tables or Sparklines).
  4. Move your mouse pointer over any of the analysis tools to see a preview.

    Pivot Table analysis preview

  5. To apply it to your spreadsheet, click the desired icon.

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