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Applying a Picture Style to an Image in MS Word

Posted by Roger Hyttinen on

Picture Styles are a set of various formatting combinations that you can add to your images. These include 3-D effects, shadows, reflections, glows, bevel effects and more, all combined into one setting.

To see the various Picture Styles in action, select the graphic and then move your mouse pointer over the thumbnails in the styles gallery (you will need to have “Enable Live Preview” checked under the General category of Word Options).

To add a Picture Style to an image

  1. Click on the graphic to which you want to apply a Picture Style.
  2. Click the contextual Format tab under Picture Tools on the Ribbon.

    Contextual format tab in Word

  3. Click the More button to display the full Picture Styles gallery.

    The More button

  4. Point to a style to see a preview of the style (You will need to enable “Live Preview”).
  5. Click the style you want from the gallery to apply it to the selected graphic.

The Styles Gallery

Tip: You can also apply a Microsoft Office Shape to a picture. Click the Picture Shape button and choose the shape that you want. The image will appear in the shape and will be automatically cropped to fit into the shape.

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