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How to Crop Images in Microsoft Word

Posted by Roger Hyttinen on

You can crop your graphical images to remove unwanted portions. To crop an image, click the Crop button on the contextual format Ribbon, click on any crop handle bordering the image and drag inwards until the desired portion is removed. For a more precise measurement, you can use the Size dialog box by clicking on the Size dialog launcher and entering in your dimensions in the appropriate boxes under the Crop From category.

the crop tool

You also have the ability to crop your images to a specific shape, if you so choose. Point to Crop to Shape from the Crop menu and then click the desired shape in the Shapes gallery.

Quick Guide: To Crop an Image Manually

  1. Click on the graphic you wish to crop.
  2. Click the contextual Format tab on the Ribbon.
  3. Click the Crop button arrow on the Size group and click Crop.

    click on crop arrow

  4. Click on a crop handle and drag until the desired portion of the image is removed.

    click on crop handle and drag

  5. Press Esc on your keyboard.
  6. To crop an image in the form of a shape, click the Crop button arrow, point to Crop to Image and then choose the image you want from the gallery.


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