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How to forward contact information as a business card in MS Outlook

Posted by Roger Hyttinen on

 Outlook allows you to forward a contact’s information as an electronic business card. Most often, you’ll forward your own information to others so that they can add it to their contact list.

Outlook Business Card image

You can send your business card in Outlook format, vCard format or Business Card format. The most common is vCard (abbreviation for Virtual Business Card) and is the standard format (.vcf files) for electronic business cards. The vCard format works in a variety of different applications and operating systems. Business Card format attaches the file in both Outlook and vCard format.

If someone sends you a business card in an email message, you can save it to your Outlook contacts list by double-clicking the business card icon in the message and then clicking Save & Close from the Contact window.

Quick Guide: To Forward a Business Card

  1. Double-click the contact record that you want to forward.

    Double-click contact card
  2. Click the Forward button on the Contact tab of the Ribbon.

    Click the forward button
  3. Choose As a Business Card, In Internet Format (vCard) or As an Outlook Contact.  
    select business card format from list
  4. Click in the To box and type in the message recipient Or Click the To button and choose the recipient from your contact list.
  5. Click the Send button.
  6. To add a card that you received to your contacts, double-click the business card attachment and then click Save & Close in the Contacts window.

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