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How to Hide Develop Module Presets in Lightroom CC Classic - New Feature

Posted by Roger Hyttinen on

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In the Presets panel in the Develop module, you may now notice that your presets are grouped together with the groups separated by a horizontal line. This is a new feature recently added into Lightroom CC Classic 7.5. For instance, presets that you’ve purchased from third-party vendors are now separated from those presets that come bundled with Lightroom.

But there is more that you can do to organize your presets. If your preset list has grown to the point where it’s become unwieldy, you can now choose to hide those presets that you seldom use. To do so, click the + icon on the right corner of the Presets panel and click Manage Presets.

Click the Preset Plus Sign and then click Manage Presets

Then, uncheck the box next to any presets that you don’t wish to display in the Presets panel. Those that are unchecked will no be hidden from view. 

Uncheck box to hide preset

You can always go back in at any time and check the box next to any presets you want to redisplay.

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