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Quickly Jump from Table to Table in Microsoft Word

Posted by Roger Hyttinen on

If you have a document that contains several tables, you can quickly jump from table to table without having to scroll through your document. You can do so from the Go To tab of the Find and Replace dialog box.

Quick Guide: To Jump from Table to Table in Word

  1. Press the F5 key on your keyboard
    Click the arrow on the Find button on the Editing group of the Home Ribbon and choose Go To from the button menu.
  2. If necessary, click the Go To tab on top of the dialog box.

    Click the Go To tab

  3. In the Go to What: window, click Table.

    Click Table

  4. To browse through your tables, click the Previous or Next button as appropriate.
  5. To jump to a specific table in your document, type in the table number in the Enter Table Number: box. For instance, if you want to jump to the 6th table from the beginning of your document, type in 6.
  6. When you find the table you want, click the Close button.
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