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Some Favorite Excel Keyboard Navigation Shortcuts

Posted by Roger Hyttinen on

screenshot of Excel spreadsheet

In today's tip, we going to look at some keyboard shortcuts for navigating an Excel spreadsheet. Memorizing a few of these shortcuts can really speed up your workflow and help you to get more done in less time.

You may already be familiar with shortcuts that are available in other Microsoft Office programs such as Ctrl+X (Cut), Ctrl + C (Copy), Ctrl+V (Paste), Ctrl+Z (Undo), Ctrl+Y (redo), Ctrl+B (Bold), Ctrl+U (Underline) and Ctrl+I (Italic).

The shortcuts below are only applicable to the Excel application and most are focused on worksheet navigation.

Quick Guide: Excel Navigation Shortcuts

Hide selected rows: Ctrl+9
Hide selected columns: Ctrl + 0
Move to beginning of current row: Home
Move to left-most corner of the worksheet: Ctrl+Home
Move to next worksheet: Ctrl+Page Up
Move to previous worksheet: Ctrl+ Page Down
Display the Insert dialog box: Ctrl+Shift+Plus(+)
Move up one Window: Page Up
Move down one Window: Page Down
Expand/Collapse the Formula Bar: Ctrl+Shift+U Select the current region: Press Ctrl+A once
Select the entire worksheet: Press Ctrl+A twice
Move to last cell in current row: Press End, then Enter
Select all cells containing comments: Ctrl+Shift+O
Move to bottom right corner of the portion of a worksheet containing data: Press End, then Home
Enter edit mode for current cell: F2
Repeat the previous action: F4
Display the Format Cell cells dialog (my favorite!): Ctrl+1

Hopefully you'll find some of these shortcuts helpful in your own workflow.


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